The Brodetto

It's origin, ancient and purely popular, is a mixture of non-large fishi ...

The Ascoli olives

Dish symbol of the Marche gastronomic tradition, tasty olives stuffed with meat and fried ...

The ciauscolo fermano

Salami of the Marche peasant tradition, spreadable sausage with a rosy color ...

Wine and food itineraries

All the charm of the sea and our hills is synthesized in the precious products that are made there, come and discover them.

… among a thousand places to see there are some where you can even touch and … eat. We are talking about the festivals that animate the summer and autumn of the forty municipalities of the province of Fermo. All together they make up a dense billboard, which especially between June, July, August and September offers at least one inevitable appointment for each evening. In an increasingly virtual age they represent a moment of genuine social life, typical of firmness. A taste? They range from the famous Campofilone macaroni, to the Pedaso mussels, to the Fermo frascarelli, to the Francavilla piglet without neglecting the clams of Marina Palmense, the Ascoliva Festival (Olive all’Ascolana) .. impossible to list them all !!!


The Wines
The wines of our hills are the ideal environment for some vines that have been introduced in this area in the past centuries. The excellent exposure of mostly sandy soils in fact, adds to an ancient vine-wine tradition, made of skilful pruning and meticulous cultivation care. Since ancient times, wine has been an irreplaceable component in the feeding of rural and urban classes and its taste has been a guarantee of the place of cultivation. The dazzling brilliance of red wines, the fragrant aroma of whites, are tangible proof of the presence of the already mentioned optimal conditions in our region, which give us products such as Verdicchio, Rosso Piceno, Rosso Conero, Bianco dei colli Maceratesi, appreciated and known all over the world.

Salami and CheeseThe history of the salami and cheeses of the Marche region is suggestive and secular and is linked to the sharecropping family. The range of pecorino cheeses that characterize all the mountain areas, rich in pastures, is vast. In the north of the region it is still possible to find pecorino preserved in oak barrels, barrels or vats, where it is left for up to three months wrapped in walnut leaves or, alternatively, layered together with aromatic herbs or marcs. That of norcineria is an ancient art, which is handed down from generation to generation, among the typical salamis of the Marche the most known is the ciauscolo, typical of the area of ​​Macerata and Fermo, is characterized by its spreadability; ideal on cold cuts, it is also proposed at the end of a meal, respecting an ancient peasant tradition.


Itinerary of DOP products (Caciotta of Urbino, Cheese of Fossa di Sogliano, Olive oil of Cartoceto, Olive all ‘Ascolana, Prosciutto di Carpegna, Italian Salamino alla cacciatora).
Itinerary of the IGP products (Ciauscolo, Maccheroncini di Campofilone, Lentil of Castelluccio, Mortadella, White calf of the central Apennines, Lamb of central Italy).
Slow Food Presidia Itinerary (Cicerchia di Serra de ‘Conti, fig loin, pink apple from the Sibillini Mountains, wild Mosciolo from Portonovo, Pecorino dei Monti Sibillini, Fabriano Salame).
DOC and DOCG wines itinerary (Colli Maceratesi DOC, Falerio dei Colli Ascolani DOC, Lacrima di Morro d’Alba DOC, Rosso Piceno DOC, Terre di Offida DOC, Verdicchio di Matelica DOC, Pecorino di Offida DOCG, Vernaccia di Serrapetrona DOCG).


Among the many fish dishes that belong to the Marche tradition, the Brodetto plays a leading role, a bit on the tables of the whole region.

In fact, from North to South, from Pesarese to Ascoli, almost every town on the coast has “his” recipe for broth.
Starting from Fano, a city that also hosts an event entirely dedicated to Brodetto, to get to San Benedetto, passing through Ancona, Porto Recanati and Porto S. Giorgio, which has even codified the preparation and its ingredients. As in all areas of the sea, the brodetto was born as a poor dish, born from the need to use even the least requested fish in the market, less valuable and in small quantities, first of all by the sailors, who cooked it on board, with the few ingredients they had available. Precisely because of its goodness, it began to spread even on dry land and here are some versions:

  • Brodetto alla Fanese
  • Brodetto all’Anconetana
  • Brodetto di Porto Recanati
  • Brodetto alla Sangiorgese
  • Brodetto Sambenedettese
For lovers of taste, do not miss in September the “Festival of Brodetto and Fish Soups” where in a “International Competition of Brodetto” great national and international chefs will discuss about culinary themes with a unique formula.



October and November in the Marche are the months of the truffle, delicious fruit of the earth internationally appreciated for its fragrant aroma that gives any dish an unmistakable touch, exceptional numbers that for more than 50 years have made this event one of the most visited nationally , A gastronomic tour to discover the truffle fairs and the goodness that the autumn season offers us.

  • Acqualagna promotes the “National White Truffle Fair”, one of the most important in Italy, held every year in October and November.
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  • Sant’Angelo in Vado, a charming medieval village in the province of Pesaro and Urbino, hosts the “National Exhibition of the Precious White Truffle“, which is held every year in October and November.
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  • Amandola, in the province of Fermo, for mountain lovers, in November celebrates the most prized fruit of its woods among food stands, cooking shows, exhibitions and conferences on the subject, excursions on the Sibillini, truffle cycling, guided tours of the cities, folk groups, falconry and much more.
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  • Montefortino, food and wine festival, now in its thirteenth edition with the “Truffle Festival of True Sibillini Mountains“, the prized black truffle called “true” to emphasize its authenticity and the exclusive origin from the territory of the Sibillini Mountains, which is held every year in February.
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The quality and uniqueness of the Marche oil are the result of the combination of several factors: the varietal base used, which combines some local varieties, different from area to area, with the Frantoio and the Leccino. The particular pedoclimatic environment of the Marche region, the ancient agronomic techniques and, last but not least, the wise milling tradition that sees the most avant-garde production realities coexist with the small plants that still carry out crushing with mullers and pressure extraction. The result is an oil that, for years, has been collecting awards at national and international level.

Olives as well as providing a sublime and particular oil, even in the local cuisine are a symbolic dish of the tradition, the olives all’ascolana (Soft Ascoli olives, pitted and stuffed with a soft mixture of mixed meat, then breaded and fried) . Another territorial specialty, linked to tradition, is the olive in brine. These are tender green olives from Ascoli which, after harvesting, are put in brine with water, salt and wild herbs. Every year in late spring, the festival of Fritto Misto all’ascolana (April-May) takes place.

Typical in the Province of:
Pesaro Urbino: The oil of Cartoceto.
Macerata: The olive groves of the hills of Civitanova Marche; The Cingoli OilIl piantone di Mogliano.
Fermo: The Oil Mill of MorescoTorre di Palme Oil.
Ascoli Piceno: The oil and olives at Ascolana.